Addressing Your Message

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When opening a message editor window your cursor is automatically placed in the edit field for the To header. You can now type the address of the recipient in or use one of the following methods:



1. Type the nickname/handle as defined in your Address Book
2. Press the Tab key to move to the next header field or click into the message editor to begin typing your message


Automatic completion

1. Type in part of the name
2. Press <Ctrl>+<+> until the correct recipient appears



1. Go to Favourites
2. Select an entry


Note: You have to define 'Favourite' recipients in the Address Book to use this feature.


Address Book

1. Click the From Address Book button
2. Choose address book, address group and an entry


Note: You can address your message to an individual as well as to a whole group.


Drop-down list

1. Click on the double arrow button
2. Choose an entry


Note: The drop-down list shows the most recently used addresses.


These methods are available for all recipient'ds fields, To, CC, BCC.



To address your message to more than one recipient, use the CC or BCC fields; with BCC they cannot see each other's addresses. Nonetheless, some servers require an address in the To header, so put one in (can be your own).




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