"Convert archive to SFX" command

This command is accessible both in file management and in archive management modes. It converts an archive to self-extracting. If you are inside of archive, there is no need to select any files to perform this operation, just run "Convert archive to SFX" command using either Tools menu, "SFX" button on the toolbar or Alt+X keyboard shortcut and select necessary SFX module from the list. If you browse uncompressed files in the file management mode, first select files and folders which will be searched for archives to convert.

If an archive is already self-extracting, using this command you may also remove an already existing SFX module from archive. In such case WinRAR does not touch the original archive and creates a new archive with the same contents, but without self-extracting module.

If you selected Windows GUI SFX module, which is proposed by default, you may also press "Advanced SFX options…" button to set a number of SFX parameters like the default destination path, a title and window text. Read Advanced SFX options topic to get more information about them.

These topics describe SFX modules provided in the WinRAR package:

Command line equivalent: command "s"