Viewer settings dialog

To activate this dialog select "Settings…" command in Options menu and click on "Viewer" tab. The dialog contents are described below.

Viewer type

Selects default action, when the user presses Enter on a file. Possible actions are:

Internal viewer
Use the internal WinRAR viewer
External viewer
Use an external viewer. You should define the name in the "External viewer name" field
Associated program
Use default Windows viewer for file type
Ask the user for the desired viewer type each time after pressing Enter

These settings are ignored for some file types. In the file management mode they are ignored for archives and executables. On Enter WinRAR always tries to open archives and to run exe files. In the archive management mode they are ignored for file types specified in "Unpack everything for" field of viewer settings dialog. If Enter is pressed on such file, WinRAR extracts the entire archive contents to a temporary folder, runs a file, waits for it to terminate, updates the source archive if necessary and then deletes the temporary folder and all of its contents. This provides the convenient method of installing applications directly from archives.

Unlike Enter, View file command always opens a file in the internal WinRAR viewer.

Internal viewer/Use DOS encoding

Depending upon this option the internal viewer will open files using either Windows (if the option is not set) or DOS codepage. It is also possible to change the codepage of the currently opened file using "View as…" commands in the "View" menu of the internal viewer.

Internal viewer/Reuse existing window

If this option is off, WinRAR creates a separate internal viewer window for each viewing file. When the option is on, the already existing window is reused, so only one instance of the viewer is opened.

Internal viewer/Word wrap

Switches between wrapping long strings and scrolling modes in the internal viewer. This option affects only new viewer windows, already opened are not changed.

Unpack everything for

Here you may define file masks which require unpacking of complete archive contents, when user presses Enter or double clicks an archived file matching one of these masks. Masks must be separated by spaces. For example, if this field contains "*.exe *.htm *.html", WinRAR will unpack the complete archive before opening an archived executable or HTML file. This option is necessary for those file types, which need to access other archived files for proper executing or viewing.

WinRAR ignores "Viewer type" setting for file types defined in "Unpack everything for" field and always opens them using an associated program.

External viewer name

You may enter here the name of program, which will be used as viewer, if you set option "On Enter run external viewer". A name of the file to view will be passed to this program as a single parameter.