Translating Words and Phrases

With ABBYY Lingvo, you can instantly look up a word or phrase:

In ABBYY Lingvo:

To look up a word or phrase, select it in the word list or type it in the search field and click .

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In another application:

ABBYY Lingvo can significantly reduce the time you spend on looking up unfamiliar words when reading a Word document, surfing the Internet, or working with texts in other applications. ABBYY Lingvo allows you to look up words and phrases without leaving your current application.

You can set up ABBYY Lingvo to display:

Pop-up translation

This brief translation mode provides the most basic information about the selected word. The translations are retrieved form the first dictionary on the Bookshelf which contains a matching entry.

To see a pop-up translation:

Note: If no pop-up window appears, make sure that:

Full entry

To open a full entry:



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