Show me the General tab of the Options dialog box
Option  Description
Interface language Selects the language of program windows, dialog boxes, and messages. To change the interface language, select the required language in the drop-down list and click OK, then restart ABBYY Lingvo for the changes to take effect.
Main window behaviour
Dock window Docks the ABBYY Lingvo main window.
Display selected term in search field when browsing Displays the selected word or phrase in the search field when browsing the dictionary.
Synchronize source language with keyboard language Switches the keyboard language to match the source language and vice versa.
Close all temporary cards when switching to another application Select this option to close all temporary cards and Search, Translations, History, and Suggestions windows when switching to another application.
Get news from ABBYY Software and display it at the bottom of the main window Select this option if you wish ABBYY Lingvo to receive information from ABBYY over the Internet and display this information at the bottom of the main window.
Program icon
Place ABBYY Lingvo icon in system tray Places the ABBYY Lingvo icon in the system tray.