Item Description
Translate (Enter) Translates the word(s) in the search field.
Translate Text from Clipboard Translates the word, phrase or text fragment in the Clipboard.
Translate Text in Search Field (Ctrl+Enter) Translates the word, phrase or text fragment in the search field.
Open Card (Shift+Enter) Opens the dictionary entry of the word or phrase currently selected in the word list.
Find (Ctrl+F) Runs a full-text search for the search term.

Note: The search is carried out within the current language pair, both in the current and in the reverse translation directions. Therefore, if all the dictionaries of the current translation direction are disabled, ABBYY Lingvo will search in the dictionaries of the reverse translation direction.

Find in All Languages (Ctrl+Shift+F) Runs a full-text search in all the enabled ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries of all the available language pairs.
Wildcard Search (Ctrl+F3) Runs a wildcard search.
Show Word Forms… (Ctrl+W) Opens the Word Forms window which displays all the word forms (i.e. the paradigm) of the word typed in the search field.

Note: Word forms are only available for single words, not for word combinations.

Spelling Suggestions (F7) Opens the Suggestions window which displays spelling suggestions.

Note: This command uses the dictionaries that correspond to the language selected as the source language on the Languages bar.

History… (Ctrl+H) Opens the History dialog box which contains the list of all the entries which have been opened during the current ABBYY Lingvo session, and the list of all the search and translation requests.
Exit Quits ABBYY Lingvo