General Information on Saving Recognized Text

You may:

Click the 4-Save button to send the recognition results to the application you need or save them to a file. The icon appearance depends on the saving mode currently on. The Save button caption displays the name of the currently selected export application.

To save the recognized text:

  1. Click the arrow right to the 4-Save button and select the item you need in the local menu. 

Note: If you'd like to save only a certain number of pages, select them before clicking the 4-Save button.

After the export is done, the 4-Save button icon will change depending on what you've done - sent the recognized text to an application, sent it by e-mail, copied it to the clipboard or saved it to a file. The 4-Save button icon always adopts the icon of the last export mode you used. So if you'd like to export another image(s) using the same mode just click the icon itself and don't bother browsing the button's local menu. 

Text saving options
Saving the recognized text in RTF, DOC and XML formats
Saving the recognized text in PDF format
Saving the recognized text in HTML format
Saving recognized text in PPT format
Saving the page image
Document saving formats supported by FineReader