Quick Start

How to Input a Document Less than in a Minute
  1. Turn on the scanner if it has a separate power source to your PC.

    Note: Many scanner models have to be turned on before you turn on the computer. 

  2. Place the page you want read onto the scanner.
  3. Click the arrow to the right of the Scan&Read button. Select the Scan&Read Wizard item in the local menu.
      The Scan&Read Wizard is a special Scan&Read/Open&Read mode during which you are guided through each step of the scanning process. You can use a sample image file is contained in the Demo folder, which, in turn, is located in the folder containing FineReader.
  4. Follow the Scan&Read Wizard instructions.

    The document input process is made up of four steps: scanning, reading, spellcheck and saving the recognized text. Once scanning is complete, a "photograph" of the source page will appear in the Image window. The application then asks you to set the recognition parameters. Once this has been done, it starts recognizing the image, analyzing its layout at the same time. Image areas already recognized are highlighted in blue. Recognized text is displayed in the Text window, where it can be checked and edited. Once you have checked the document, the Scan&Read Wizard will prompt you to either send the recognized text to the application of your choice, save it to file, or go on processing more images.




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