Starting an Exercise

Run ABBYY Lingvo Tutor.

In the "Welcome to ABBYY Lingvo Tutor" dialog box that opens, click . By default, the program uses the English-Russian Tutor dictionary shipped with the program. In the first exercise, Lingvo Tutor asks you to translate 10 English words into Russian. When Lingvo Tutor displays a card with an English word in it, type in the translation and click . If you enter the correct translation, the Orange Face will smile and give you a thumbs up. Click to open the next card. Click to see the first letter of the translation. Type in the translation and click . Type in translations in the remaining eight cards.

Click to open the dictionary window, where you can see the list of all words in the current Tutor dictionary, their translations and learning statistics which shows how well you have learned the words. Scroll to the words that were used for the exercise to see how well you fared. 

Now try changing some learning options before you start a new exercise. Select Options from the Tools menu and then click the Exercise tab. In the Number of cards in an exercise field, set the number of words you wish to learn during one exercise, for example: 10. In the Start an exercise every ... min field, enter a time period to start a new exercise, for example: 10 min. Now Lingvo Tutor will automatically start an exercise every ten minutes and ask you to translate ten words in each exercise.

What do I do next?

Now that you have learned to use Tutor dictionaries and set learning options, you can:

Create you own Tutor dictionaries containing words you wish to learn;

Add new words to Tutor dictionaries;

Select exercise options to make exercises more effective.