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1 Install a single Office 97 for Windows configuration on a number of user computers. Create a network installation point, then use the Network Installation Wizard to customize Office Setup. Modifying Client Setup with the Network Installation Wizard
2 Deploy Office 98 Macintosh Edition in your organization. Create a customized network installation point, then use drag-and-drop installation. Rolling Out Office 98 for the Macintosh
3 Set up your users to automatically save files in the Office 95 file formats. Use the Office 97 for Windows policy templates to control the default “Save As” file format. Upgrading from Microsoft Office 95 for Windows
4 Share your Word 97 documents with Word 6.0 or 95 users. Use the Word 6.0/95 Binary Converter for Word 97 to get the best file conversion results. Sharing Documents with Word 6.0 or 95 for Windows
5 Share Access databases with older versions of Access. Enable older databases in Access 97, or create front-end databases linked to table data in a back-end database created with old versions of Access. Sharing Databases with Microsoft Access 1.x, 2.0, or 95
6 Upgrade some users to Outlook, but you prefer that everyone use Schedule+ until all users are upgraded. Upgrade users to Outlook for e-mail and other features, but choose Schedule+ as the primary calendar application. Using Schedule+ 95 as the Primary Calendar
7 Give users the option to install the clip art files on their hard disks. Read Clipart.doc to learn how to add this option to the Add/Remove Programs dialog box in Control Panel. Advanced Documentation
8 View a list of all the files installed with the different configurations of Office 97 for Windows. Check out the informational workbooks, which are in the Office Resource Kit Tools and Utilities. Informational Workbooks for Windows
9 View the list of the files installed with Office 98 Macintosh Edition. Check out Macoff98.xls, which is in the Office Resource Kit Tools and Utilities. Informational Workbook for the Macintosh
10 Obtain a printed version of the Office Resource Kit, including the Tools and Utilities CD. Go to the Microsoft Press Web site for more information.

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