Virtual Folders

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Virtual folders simplify your workflow, especially if projects and more than one e-mail account are involved. They contain only messages meeting certain criteria that you define in the virtual Folder dialogue.


Virtual Folders can be within accounts or can be common folders outside any account; they can also be a sub-folder to another mail folder. Unlike than normal folders Virtual Folders hold only references to the original message.


Beware: Any change, including deletion, you make to a message in a Virtual Folder will be done to the original!


Set up a Virtual Folder:


1 Go to Folder->New Virtual Folder
2. In the following dialog make the appropriate entries.


You can also choose New Common Virtual Folder, which creates a Virtual Folder outside any account.

If you go through the context-menu of an account or folder, choose accordingly.



Virtual Folder Dialog



The name of the folder as it will appear in the folder hierarchy.


Note: The name is used as the default for the folder's message base sub-directory in Windows. For The Bat! Professional the directories in Windows are encrypted. (You can choose to have your mail base and folders encrypted or not when you install The Bat! Professional. For more information see: Security).




Column settings

Choose the way the folder's columns should be shown as defined by your view modes.


Edit View Mode

Click to get directly to the view mode editor.


Copy to ...

Click this to copy the current column settings to any other folder.


Select folders

Click this button to get a tree view of your folder hierarchy from which to select the folders your new Virtual Folder should show messages from. If you hit OK without selecting a folder first, this dialog will come up.





Auto Refresh

Check this so the Virtual Folder automatically reflects the current state.


Count in upper level

If checked messages in this folder will be added to the number of messages shown for the folder/account it belongs to.


Use fast search

Fast search types

· Unread
· Parked
· Flagged
· Not replied
· Attachments

These options quickly define what messages you want to have shown in the Virtual folder.


Store state between sessions

Check this and The Bat! remembers the messages shown at closing in the Virtual Folder.


Advanced filter settings

When you check this you can define more complex filters the same way as in the Sorting Office.



Create a Virtual Folder from the Search dialogue


After you have finished a search for certain messages you can directly create a Virtual Folder from the results:


1. Click on Virtual Folder
2. The Virtual Folder Dialogue comes up
3. Make your choices        



Ideas of use


· Keep track of unread messages in different folders for specific projects
· Keep track of flagged messages in different folders
· Keep track of messages in certain Colour Groups





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