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Working with media information

When you play your digital media files in Windows Media Player, the Player can download and display media information, such as the artist, title, album, producer, and other information, about the content that is playing.

Media information can be displayed for music files in WMA or MP3 format and CDs, video files in WMV format and Microsoft Recorded TV shows (.dvr-ms files), and DVDs. When you play a CD or DVD, the Player displays media information that is stored in your library. When you play a WMA, MP3, WMV, or DVR-MS file, the Player displays media information that is stored either in your library or in the file itself. If the media information is not available, or only partially complete, the Player can retrieve the missing information from a database operated by and store it in your library for future use.

The Player also retrieves and updates media information for related files when:

You can manually edit media information for any digital media content that is displayed in your library. If media information cannot be retrieved from the database for the digital music files or CDs that you are playing, or if the information is incorrect, you can manually enter the media information and send the updates to the database. The changes that you make are made available to other users.

Additional media information about the items in your library can be obtained from the currently selected online store. This information supplements the media information provided by and is displayed in the Media Information pane. Media information provided by online stores cannot be edited.

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