Using the Application

This section provides instructions on capturing contacts with ABBYY Business Card Reader and saving them to a file or exporting them to Microsoft Outlook.

When you start the application, the Quick Tasks panel is automatically launched, where you can select one of the two main commands or one of the automated quick tasks.

Note: The Quick Tasks panel is displayed only when you start ABBYY Business Card Reader. When the Quick Tasks panel is not visible, use the buttons on the main toolbar to access the main commands.

Show me the Quick Tasks panel...

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. On the Quick Tasks panel, click:
    • Scan Cards to scan business cards
    • Open Cards to open business card images that are stored on your computer
    • Scan to Outlook to launch the automated card scanning task
    • Open in Outlook to launch the automated card opening task
    • Open the last session to restore your last session with the application
    • Note: The Open the last session option is only available when you start ABBYY Business Card Reader. Once you have started a new session, you cannot open the previous one.

  2. Once you have scanned your business cards or opened existing business card images, the application will automatically detect them on the image and start capturing the data.
  3. Adjust business card borders if the application fails to detect the cards on the image correctly. Border adjustment is done in the Adjust Card Borders window.
  4. In the Contact Details pane, check the captured data by comparing them against the original image and, if necessary, edit the data.
  5. Once the data are checked, you can:
    • export the results to Microsoft Outlook
    • save the results in vCard format
    • send the results by e-mail

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