Chart a stock or fund
You can use charts to see investments' performances over time. Charts can display data about stocks, funds, ETFs, currencies, or indexes. When you customize a chart to show specific time periods, indicators, events, or scales, you can save the chart's style to use later.
  1. At the top of the page, click Investing, and then click Stocks or Funds.
  2. Type a company name or ticker symbol in the Name or symbol box, and then click Get Quote.

    If Money finds multiple possible matches, choose a stock or fund from the Search Results list.

  3. In the left pane under Charts, click Historical.
  4. On the chart's Chart menu, click a chart type.
  5. On the chart's Period menu, click a period.
  6. Optional: Customize the chart.
    Optional: Save the chart style.
    • Enter a name for the chart style, and then click OK.


To apply a saved chart style later, on the the chart's File menu, click Apply Chart Style, select a style that you saved earlier, and then click OK.