Foreword by Jon DeVaan

Part 1: Welcome to Microsoft Office 97
Part 2: Deploying Microsoft Office
Part 3: Upgrading to Microsoft Office
Part 4: Switching from Other Applications

Part 5: Using Microsoft Office Throughout Your Organization

Chapter 22: Supporting Multiple Versions of Microsoft Office
Chapter 23: Tracking Collaboration With Document Properties
Chapter 24: Integrating Microsoft Office With Your Intranet
Chapter 25: Web Support in Microsoft Office Applications
Chapter 26: Finding Microsoft Office Documents on the Network
Chapter 27: Sharing Information with Microsoft Office Applications
Chapter 28: Working with Messaging Systems and Connectivity Software
Chapter 29: Workgroup Features in Microsoft Access
Chapter 30: Workgroup Features in Microsoft Excel
Chapter 31: Workgroup Features in Microsoft Outlook
Chapter 32: Workgroup Features in Microsoft PowerPoint
Chapter 33: Workgroup Features in Microsoft Word

Part 6: Microsoft Office Architecture


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